Identifying Rodent Tracks

Your home will provide food sources and nesting opportunity for all rodents. Mice and rats will leave behind tracks outdoors in soil and snow, as well as inside your home on tile or other flooring. A few unique features of rodent footprints include:

  • Four toes on the front paws and five toes on the back paws.
  • Hind tracks are almost always side by side, while front rodent feet rarely align.
  • Front rodent paws are broad, while rear tracks are more narrow and long.
  • Semi-aquatic rodents (nutria, beavers, and moles) have webbed feet.

Rodent Track Size

Rodents typically have small tracks with claw marks that may not be visible. Larger rodents will leave behind larger tracks. They sink into the ground due to their heavier weight, making the tracks easier to spot.


Rodent tracks often form patterns that can help you identify them. Pests with footprints that appear to roam in many different directions indicate the animal is comfortable in its habitat. This could be a social rodent that is often around people, such as a squirrel.

Rodent Problems

Rodents are destructive inside your home and outside your home. Some rodents are known to damage lawns and gardens, while other rodents are more commonly found nesting in your home.

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