Weasel dropping identification Signs of WEASEL DROPPINGS

Weasels are found across the US, and often live close to homes and farms to prey on rodents. These fearless hunters will even attack and eat larger animals such as gophers and rabbits. As the pests eat around one-third of their body weight every day, weasel scat quickly accumulates in yards. Weasels spend most of their time hunting or eating and digest their food in under four hours. This fast metabolism leads to large amounts of weasel scat, which is an unpleasant surprise for residents on steps, sidewalks, and play areas.

Near dwellings, weasel poop shows up under porches and by fencerows where the pests hunt and seek shelter. Feces in these spaces create unpleasant odors and attract insects. Weasels also need to drink often in order to survive, so their waste may pollute areas close to swimming pools, backyard ponds, and other water sources. If you suspect a weasel has taken residence on your property, Contact Us for professional removal!

Dealing with Weasel Feces

Weasel feces is unsightly and difficult to wash away. To resolve the issue, many homeowners turn to Critter Control of Charleston for reliable pest control services. Expert technicians can assist with weasel prevention and removal near homes.

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